‘Jo is simply the best massage therapist.’

Amy Winehouse

Singer, London

‘I recommend Jo regularly to my physiotherapy clients who need skilful, effective deep soft tissue massage to release muscle tension…Jo has the ability to really ‘feel’ what’s happening beneath her hands…and focuses her treatment accordingly. This is a big departure from what can quite often be a ‘going through the motions’ experience with massage in general and is key to great massage therapy. Add to this Jo’s caring nature and a genuine concern for your wellbeing and you have a gem of a therapist.’

Nigel Roe

Sports physiotherapist, London

‘Jo’s massages restore my body to feeling free of tension, aches and pains. Afterwards I feel completely energised and years younger. Those feelings remain but benefits go on longer. I used to visit osteopaths and GPs regularly. Now I just have a JoSo massage.’

Carolyn Pascall

Geologist and promotor, London

‘Jo individualises each treatment…She is able to vary her treatment according to your mood and priorities for that day…I have had massage from several different therapists and Jo ranks highly amongst them.’

Dr Kim Holt

Paediatrician, London

‘The feedback we have received from her (Jo’s) clients about her treatments is that she is welcoming, caring and intuitive.’

Angie Newson

General Manager, the Laboratory Spa and Health Club, London

‘I suffered for six months with really bad neck and shoulder pains due to stress and after only a few sessions, I felt so much better.’

Sue McGurk

HR administrator, London

‘Before I have a massage, I feel stiff, aching and generally stressed out. After having one, I feel relaxed and loose. Altogether, my body feels in better condition. I like the way Jo mixes the holistic and the deep tissue massage.’

Sarah May

Receptionist, London

‘Jo has a calming and understanding manner different from any other (massage therapist)…a strong healing energy which feels fantastic…She is so caring and really listens to your needs…She makes you feel special. I think Jo has a very special gift and I am so pleased that I have found her.’

Stevie B

Fashion stylist, London

‘After Jo’s treatment, I feel very relaxed. My shoulders feel more free and comfortable. I am also less stressed and tense…Jo understands people’s bodies…She has healing hands…She is very approachable and understanding. She listens and has a strong positive attitude.

Carly Newson

Professional dancer, London

‘I have headaches, backaches and painful legs. After I have a treatment, I feel the world’s problems have been lifted from my shoulders. Jo can be gentle or hard depending on how you would like to be massaged. Once you try Jo, you will be questioning yourself as to what took you so long.’

Linda Smalling

Marks and Spencer staff member

‘After the massage, I feel alive! My mind is clear and my body relaxed. Muscles are also relieved allowing for greater mobility.’

Zack Clark

Student, Perth, Australia