” Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

What is Human Design and how it can help you?

Human Design is a system that provides you with the necessary tools of your own strategy and authority to live your life in alignment with what is right for you. It enables you to be able to make the right decisions for your life.

Human Design makes it possible for you to truly know yourself and understand how you are designed to engage with people around you.

Human Design uses your Birth Data to calculate your Human Design Chart based on a system received by Ra Uru Hu 25 years ago.

To get your personal Human Design Reading and to begin your personal experiment of living your life as yourself, you need your exact date, time and place of birth. You will discover and learn important things about yourself and the tools on how to apply the information and knowledge to assist you in your life’s journey.


Jo’s profound self-discovery with Human Design

The concept of Human Design immediately attracted and fascinated Jo. Her discovery started in the most unassuming way; a small piece of paper.  

Back in 2002, the details for Human Design System were handed to her on this inauspicious piece of paper. But it wasn’t just a scrap of paper; it contained details that she treasured like gold. Whilst it profoundly resonated with her it wasn’t until six years later that she was ready to respond to this extraordinary calling on her life.

Jo’s own first personal Human Design reading was done in 2008, and since that moment, she started with her ‘de-conditioning’ process by ‘shedding the skin’ of external influences and pre-conceived ideas imposed upon her by society on how she should live her life.

She became curious and opened up to the concepts of Human Design. Not content to stop after her first reading, she has since done years of professional training culminating in becoming a qualified Human Design practitioner and has done her own personal readings over seven years. She became a Professional Analyst of Human Design System in 2015.

Make the right choices

Human Design is all about decision-making. It can help you to make the right decisions, based on your own nature. During Jo’s own reading she discovered so she has a internal guidance – her sacral energy centre, that responds to everything around her.  She is here to wait to respond to life as it comes to her. Jo says, ‘it is extraordinary to witness the power of a strong sacral response in her body and the satisfying sensation that comes from her body’s reaction. It is truly the best sensation in the world, a profound feeling of contentment and fulfilment.

It’s a science that helps you to logically understand how you operate mechanically, having your unique life experience

Jo has been observing and noticing the gradual regeneration process of her sacral centre   throughout her Human Design Experiment; she now feels truly alive and full of vitality and life force.

Get rid of stress and anxiety

Jo remembers the relief she felt when she heard about her receptivity and openness. Now she knows how to make correct decisions as herself. Decisions used to be made trying to prove her worth intellectually, that brought a lot of mental stress and a tremendous pressure causing her headaches and anxiety.

Once she realised there is no need to prove herself, she felt a deep sense of calmness and relaxation, and all these symptoms have disappeared.

She is now able to understand how some of her interactions continue to bring her the chance to learn about feelings, and how to release them. She started to feel people’s emotions more intensely. She became more in tune with the feelings and emotions of those around her. She was unconsciously eating to keep on suppressing these new intense feelings. Her repetitive thoughts brought up feelings of anxiety and fear to face her long-term suppressed feelings. Through Human Design she learned to stop feeding her mind with these negative emotions and channel them effectively because she realised by holding on these emotions in her body would have a detrimental effect on her health.

Human Design has also helped her to perceive she was eating food incorrectly, which was causing her digestive problems and a strong sense of restlessness. Today she is able to watch her inward process in detail and let go. She says it feels so liberating.

Jo is fully committed to the original teachings of Ra Uru Hu – founder and messenger of Human Design System. She only had the privilege of meeting Ra on one occasion; it is one that she will never forget. It was a rebirth, a tremendous shattering of her old self. There was an energy shift inside her and the start of a new beginning.

How to understand yourself

Jo offers a detailed and accurate reading of your chart, giving you information on your abilities, gifts, strengths, challenges. In addition to that, Jo will help you to understand your nature, moving forward to being able to make correct decisions about your work life, love life and personal life.

Would you like to know your true nature, your gifts and potential?

Would you like Jo to support you with your Human Design reading so that you can begin your own journey of self-discovery?

If so, you can arrange your first Human Design meeting with her. If you wish to find out further information about Human Design, please feel free to contact Jo via the contact page.

“You see, all it takes is the readiness to take that journey, to disconnect from the madness of the not-self world and its not-self purposes, to rediscover the dignity of what it is to be you. It’s a wonderful thing to love yourself. It truly is magic.”

                                                                            – Ra Uru Hu