JoSo’s Group Baby Massage

Weekly instructive sessions, about 50 minutes each, allow time for discussing relevant issues, including crying, sleep, parental stress.

This wonderful easy bonding experience for parent and baby alike promotes direct benefits of a healthy touch. Expert-guided touch conveys nurturing and love, essential ingredients for emotional and physical growth and well-being.

Your loving touch relaxes baby, reducing tension and irritability which leads to calm and improved sleep. Aiding digestion provides relief of wind, constipation and colic..

Jo Sollinger’s Group Baby Massage sessions enable parents to learn in an intimate and comfortable environment. Jo naturally nourishes others, physically, emotionally and spiritually. She really enjoys bringing people together as a community hub where everyone gathers to draw support from being in a peaceful place with Jo’s relaxing presence.

Relief from wind, colic, constipation

One-hour workshop for parents awaiting their baby’s birth or with babies under six months, or wanting guidance with colic or digestion problems.


About Jo Sollinger

Jo is a holistic therapist of 20 years’ experience addressing a wide range of massage modalities including pregnancy and pre-natal reflexology. She has a lifelong interest in nurturing therapies, having trained as an infant massage instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage in London.

Jo has been practising infant massage since the birth of her daughter in 2000 and is passionate about supporting parents and babies in their bonding process by teaching them the beneficial art of massage.

For further information and to secure your booking, please contact Jo on the Contact Page.