Jo Sollinger
Jo grew up within a family interested and committed to things natural, holistic, and spiritual. Most of the people in her family were involved in caring, nursing and/or healing activities and it was in this environment that Jo developed her passion, interest and expertise in massage and related therapies. Jo is originally from Brazil, but has lived in the UK since 1998.

Jo’s interest in massage therapy began when she was still a child. Her grandmother was a significant influence and a source of inspiration and learning. As a child, Jo liked to watch her grandmother Maria Rezende at work as a healer. People from within the community would come to Jo’s grandmother or bring their children to her. She was seen as someone who could ‘feel people’s problems’ who could then help or heal. In this atmosphere of caring for others, Jo developed her skilful ‘natural hands’ and her interest in helping others.

In her early twenties, Jo began her training and qualification in massage therapies in the UK. She initially trained in body and skin treatments and has subsequently gone on to attain many diplomas in a wide variety of therapies, including: Johrei, reflexology, holistic massage, Indian head massage, aromatherapy, deep tissue therapy, ear candling, flower remedies, lymphatic drainage massage, thai herbal compress massage, hot stone massage and nutritional therapy. She has studied biomedicine, anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Over the last 10 years, Jo has worked as a holistic therapist for Marks and Spencer, the Haelan Centre and latterly for The Laboratory Spa and Health Club. She has treated people from all walks of life, from those actively involved in sport and who needed specific treatments to those who wanted massage to relieve pain or discomfort or simply to relax. She has a regular client base, successfully treating many different individuals with varied ailments and conditions.

Jo has developed her own style of massage therapy, combining several different techniques. While she specialises in remedial or deep tissue massage, Jo does not simply offer ‘off the shelf’ treatments. Her work is holistic and always tailored. She works individually and intuitively with each client to determine which treatment or combination of treatments will best suit their particular condition or need.

Out of work time, Jo enjoys Qi Gong, cycling, meditation, taking long walks and spending time with her family.