Find The Way of Life, The Art of Living.

Find your new way of life

Jo Sollinger can help you to engage your mind, body and spirit so you can feel full of vitality, feel free of pain and suffering and finally feel true contentment.

Welcome to a holistic approach to empowerment, optimal health and well-being.

Jo offers a range of bespoke and tailored treatments based on her extensive knowledge, skills and experience. Whether you feel muscle-skeletal pain or need help to find empowerment with your decisions, Jo can offer the treatment to help from myofascial treatment to outstanding Human Design readings. Jo’s range of holistic approaches can help you to find the balance that you crave in life.

Embrace your uniqueness

Your body is not a machine. Society and everyday practice make us treat our bodies like machinery until we become run down and we break. We are individuals. Our bodies are made up of an intricate network, where everything is linked. If you feel pain in one area of the body, it travels and affects aspects we don’t often consider, such as our immune system, muscle and bone health, our organs and our circulation. Everything is connected.

When we think of ourselves as unique, we can treat our ailments accurately, tailoring our treatment to suit the needs of us and our bodies.

Empower yourself

Often, we lack knowledge and are critical of the effectiveness of holistic treatment, but by opening your mind, you can improve each and every aspect of yourself, your mentality, your body and your well-being.

With Jo’s help, you can improve long-term ailments, correct physical traumas and resolve any issues naturally and effectively. Jo’s approach isn’t simply to just fix; she will work with you to build and strengthen your body’s natural defences, for complete vitality, well-being and happiness. Jo is here to support you to take responsibility for your health and wellness, naturally.

‘I recommend Jo regularly to my physiotherapy clients who need skilful, effective deep soft tissue massage to release muscle tension…Jo has the ability to really ‘feel’ what’s happening beneath her hands…and focuses her treatment accordingly. This is a big departure from what can quite often be a ‘going through the motions’ experience with massage in general and is key to great massage therapy. Add to this Jo’s caring nature and a genuine concern for your wellbeing and you have a gem of a therapist.’
Nigel Roe

Sports physiotherapist, London, London

‘Jo is simply the best massage therapist.’
Amy winehouse

Singer, London

‘The feedback we have received from her (Jo’s) clients about her treatments is that she is welcoming, caring and intuitive.’
Angie newson

General Manager, the Laboratory Spa and Health Club, London